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Espiritu De Chile Viajero Carmenere 750ml


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Alcohol : 12.5%
Packing : 6 x 750ml
Grape Variety : 85% Carmenere, 15% Other varieties

Made from 100% local Carmenere grape. It has a beautiful scarlet color and a
pleasant aroma. The bouquet is dominated by notes of juicy berries, spiced with
milk chocolate, vanilla and spices with hints of white pepper. On the palate, soft
fruity tannins give the wine lightness. After tasting, the mild taste of the wine with
a delicate hint of oak remains in the mouth for a long time.
Espiritu de Chile cheeseboard , Viajero Carmenere goes perfectly with pasta in
tomato sauces, such as spaghetti Bolognese or penne arabiata. It will also taste
good with a plate of aromatic cheeses with a strong, distinctive flavor.

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